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PT. Orbit Tanah Airku (OTAQU) is a full-service OTA (Online Ticketing Application) focusing on travel lifestyle experiences. OTAQU provides our B2C and B2B Clients access to our full spectrum of end-to-end booking and reservation solutions, ranges from web and app-based online booking for flight, hotel, tour and experience booking, events and activities reservation to Visitor Management Solution (VMS) to empowered your business.

OTAQU works with various sales channels to reach different customer segments. We also interfaced with various platforms such as payment gateways, digital identification, loyalty program, etc. to provide our customer with a streamline transaction process and hassle-free experience journey.


Is to be a global brand recognized by travelers and partners as the preferred, reliable, and most trusted travel lifestyle e-commerce.


We are here to provide great booking experience for our customer through our travel technology platform; and to bridge connection between the tourism and creative industry players and our users and partners.

Our Services


Direct Customer Online & Offline

OTAQU provides our direct customers access to discover and purchase a wide range of travel and lifestyle products with our best-in-class travel lifestyle reservation experience through website and mobile app. Be it domestic or international airline tickets, domestic and outbound tour, worldwide hotel accommodations, concert or event tickets, organized meetings and your travel document arrangement (i.e.: Visa and Travel Insurance).

Our customers can also get train ticket and book oto rental directly through our 24/7 customer service who is ready to help you. Need help for your vacation? Contact us here.

OTAQU partners with a wide range or airline, hotel, and tour operator suppliers, providing our customers an extensive collection of options.

50+ Airlines
350k+ Hotels
1000+ Tours
350+ Experience

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Our Services

OTAQU for Business Travel

OTAQU for Business Travel is a corporate travel management system that provides many benefits for companies that are registered in OTAQU Corporate’s platform and had agreements or contracts with OTAQU.

OTAQU for Business Travel helps you to arrange your business traveling effective and efficient.

Our Valued Corporate Partners

Here are some benefits you can enjoy as OTAQU Corporate Partners

Our Services

Expand your business with OTAQU

Tour Operator, Restaurant, Oto Rental, Souvenir Seller, Event Organizer, Promotor

OTAQU provides Platform OTAQU Partner (POP) exclusively for our merchant to support and expand your business. With Platform OTAQU Partner (POP), you can manage and operate your business online, more effective and efficient, from anywhere to everywhere.

OTAQU accepts various business categories to be our merchant:
Oto Rental
Beauty & Wellness
Tour Operator
Event / Concerts

Our Merchant Partners

Enjoy the benefits of being OTAQU Merchant:

You can start to sell and promote your product online as soon as possible without any initial investment (NO subscription fee or joining fee).

Get exclusive access to Platform OTAQU Partner (POP) upon successful registration of your business. With the POP Account Credential in hand, you can immediately begin creating your products, inserting attractive photos with comprehensive product information, and clear terms and conditions.

Customize your selling experience by setting your desired quota and defining the selling price that suits your business objectives.

Effortlessly monitor and track your sales report in real-time. Our user-friendly POP allows you to stay updated on your sales performance with ease and convenience.

Our dedicated Helpdesk Service is ready to guide you in running your online business effectively and efficiently. Count on us for prompt assistance and expert guidance whenever you need it.

Mobile application for OTAQU merchant designed to simplify the process of voucher redemption by eliminating the need for manual entry or physical vouchers.

Embark on a hassle-free journey to join as OTAQU Merchant with these simple steps:

Step 1


Register your business by filling OTAQU partner registration form.

Step 2


Submit all necessary documents or information to verify your identity and business credentials and sign the Agreement Letter.

Step 3

Gain instant access to POP

This credential grants you access to the POP Platform, enabling you to fully utilize its features and functionalities.

Step 4

Start Selling

Upload your products and sell it to a wide customer base.

Step 5

Product goes live on website

Enabling you to start receiving bookings from our valuable customers.

Pricing Scheme for OTAQU Merchant

We support different types of business, and the best part is that our pricing remains the same regardless of the business you have.

This ensures simplicity and fairness in our pricing structure, allowing you to efficiently manage and showcase a variety of products or activities without any additional cost variations.

Pricing Scheme
Description Merchant Customer
Discount Rate 10% from publish rate -
Platform Fee - Rp 10.000 per transaction (excludes VAT 11%)

Events Managed by OTAQU

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Our Services

OTAQU Redemption Apps

OTAQU Redemption App is a mobile application for OTAQU merchants designed to simplify the process of voucher redemption by eliminating the need for manual entry or physical vouchers. This application will also provide with summary of the voucher utilization and provide a seamless experience for your customers. OTAQU Redemption App enhances transparency and helps prevent duplicate redemptions, ensuring a smooth and efficient redemption process for both customers and merchants.

Easy to Use

We promise this application is a mobile-friendly application for everyone. After installing the application on your smartphone, just simply sign in and begin to scan the barcode or QR Code for redemption.

Data Summary

The data summary feature in OTAQU Redemption App provides real-time information about the status of a customer's voucher. By leveraging live data, the application ensures accurate and up-to-date information about the redemption status of each voucher.

Offline Redemption

This app allows you to scan the barcode or QR code of the voucher offline or when you are in areas with poor or unstable network connectivity. Once the network connection is stable, it will synchronize the data.

Our Services

OTAQU Merchant App

OTAQU Merchant App is Visitor Management Solutions (VMS) provided by OTAQU which can facilitate your business, especially in managing your events, attractions, and business. This mobile app comes with features to track and manage visitors entering a facility or premises, so the customers can do a reservation on their preferred place with the selected time through OTAQU Mobile App. These solutions are commonly used in various business such as event venues, sport facilities, restaurants or attractions, educational institutions, and workshop or exhibition.

This visitor management solutions replace traditional paper-based visitor sign-in sheets or manual processes with digital and automated systems. OTAQU Merchant App provides a more efficient and secure way to handle visitor registration, check-in, and check-out processes.

Pricing Scheme
Description Merchant Customer
Paid RSVP FREE Rp 10.000 per transaction (excludes VAT 11%)

Experience seamless RSVP management for your business

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